Privacy Policy

Global Medical AG respects the confidentiality of all your personal data. Privacy protection is a part of Global Medical AG’s company policy and is observed within the valid policy protection laws. Further information you get while the process of signing up on our website before registering your personal information.

Approval and Admission

By using our website you accept the privacy policy on our website and comply with the privacy conditions that stay in accordance with the privacy policy.

General Company Policy

Whenever personal data is collected on the website, the following, where prescribed by law, values:

  • With your explicit or tacit agreement in the legal framework, your data are collected, used and shared very sensitively.
  • Your personal data are only collected in a limited framework. Your collected data are only used for our purposes and not presented in a falsified way.
  • Your personal data are collected and saved only with your acceptance.
  • Your personal data are not used for marketing purposes without giving you the right to waiver.
  • In case of sharing your personal data with third parties or their distribution to abroad, prevention measures are taken on behalf of contracts.

Data that are collected by Global Medical AG and their website and the use of these data

As Global Medical AG we may collect your data while your visit on our website as follows:

1. Data that are sent via web browser

Global Medical AG collects data that are sent automatically from your web browser. Please check your browser to learn what is sent and how you can change your settings.

Only with the data, your browser provides us we cannot identify you personally. We use your data to prepare statistics that help us to optimize our website and provide our internet-visitors a website that is compatible with their computer technology.

2. Data that are collected via „Cookie (Tags), Flash-Cookies“ from your computer

Global Medical AG and other companies (e.g. Google Inc.) can collect data from your computer by using tags. With these cookies only we cannot identify you. After you closed your browser, no more data can be recorded. If you would like to limit this use, please check your settings to receive future warnings from your browser (see If you do not accept all cookies on our website it may happen that you will not be able to use our website unlimited based on your settings.

We use cookies to collect statistical information about the usage of our website. We collect this data to optimize our website and its contents according to our visitors’ interests by analyzing and evaluating the obtained statistical information. In addition, Global Medical AG can affiliate the personal data indicated by you previously with the automatically received impersonal data.

3. Data and information that is indicated by choice

We collect information that you indicated while your visit on the website or that we obtained from you by e-mail, fax or in another way. To sign up on our website you have to fill in a registration form where you indicate your contact information, your statistical information, your medical history, in case of purchase your payment information, as well as individual information. To indicate this information rests with you. If you indicate wrong or incomplete information, Global Medical AG is not responsible for any loss or damage resulting from this event. In this case, it is for you to bear the responsibility.

A verification of the personal data after the user login is needed to confirm your identity. Your medical history and the pictures are used by the health service providers for the necessary preparations, with your payment information you purchase the services and pay its cost, you obtain additional information about our products and your data will be used for feedback purposes.

The payment service providers evaluate your data without any controls from our side and according to their own legal conditions. Global Medical AG may share your personal data with other partners or companies in the same field, the customer service, with the department for prevention of fraud, with the market research department, for the optimization of our products and services or to share information and offers with you and to receive offers from third parties.

Transmission of personal data

Any saved personal data is not sold, lent or shared with other companies and organizations or modified. Only in a few exceptional cases your data can be forwarded or shared with insignificant third parties. Data can be shared with third parties for example (i) upon your request, (ii) by legal order or by an official court, (iii) in case of identity theft and its prosecution, iii.) to protect or defend Global Medical AG’s property rights, (iv) in case of sale, fusion, reunion, divestiture or insolvency of Global Medical AG or (v) in similar cases. If this should happen, we will do our best to protect your data with appropriate measures.

Protection of personal data

All personal data are saved by Global Medical AG in a secure databank. Global Medical AG uses specific data storage systems to ensure the secrecy, security and integrity of your data. Independent how we try to protect your data, we cannot be called to account for the security of information via internet and the events happening out of our control. We are not responsible for such security breaches.

Storage and Cancellation of personal data

Global Medical stores all your data such as personal information, desired services and products and more that you indicate while your visit on our website according to legal regulations.

Your data can be deleted, including for tax-relevant or other legal reasons, if we do not need them for above-mentioned purposes.


To advertise our website we mandate other companies or third persons. These companies, their websites or other websites may also collect your information (except name, address, e-mail or phone number) while your visit and publicity may be shown according to your search behavior. If you would like to get more information or maybe block the usage of your data for publicity related purposes, you can get more information here: NAI Self-Regulatory principles for publishers.

Minors and Parents

Global Medical AG’s website is not suitable for children under 18 years. With an exception of permission on the basis of the applicable law Global Medical AG asks and collects no personal information from or about minors on internet sites. If your children have signed up to our website you may apply for a cancellation of these data. If so, please get in touch with us.

Modification of Privacy Policy or Company Policy

Global Medical AG reserves any actualization or modification at any time without a previous announcement.


All on the website shared, written and published texts, pictures and other information are, unless otherwise mentioned, protected by Global Medical AG’s copyright. All articles, pictures, phonograms, animations or movies are protected by copyright. For this reason, any single page must not be copied, used or published on other websites.

External links

As Global Medical AG we may refer to other websites. The circumstance to offer a connection to other websites is legally assessed as “reference”. If you visit these websites we recommend you to check the privacy policy of these websites necessarily. As Global Medical AG we are not responsible for the content and the applications on these websites and we cannot be held liable.


For any further questions or doubts about our privacy policy, please visit us on our website or write us an e-mail at [email protected]

Last update: 18.1.2016

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