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Why Our Customers Trust Us.

For the past 5 years, Global Medical Care has been providing affordable high-standard medical treatments for patients from Switzerland and Europe. The Firm’s reputation has been built on an uncompromising approach to medical standards, patient safety and comfort. Our mission is to enable people from all walks of life to benefit from affordable world-class health solutions in order to fully enjoy their lives with self-confidence.
We understand the life-changing impact that aesthetic or dental treatments have on a person’s life. We have witnessed many times the joy that a successful fertility treatment has brought to a couple. This is why every day we serve our clients with the knowledge that our outstanding price-quality services change people's lives for the better.
Swiss Quality - Global Medical care

Swiss Quality Commitment

Global Medical Care, a Swiss Company facilitating Swiss Quality medical treatments anywhere in Europe

We are dedicated to patient safety and comfort and our carefully selected network of partner hospitals and clinics are proven leaders in Dentistry, Eye Surgery, Cosmetic Surgery, Hair Transplants and Infertility Treatments. All medical establishments in the GMC Network are accredited with world-recognized medical bodies.


For 10 years already, we have been driven by our mission to provide our customers with affordable world-class healthcare solutions, never compromising on quality or patient safety. With offices in Zurich and Geneva, Global Medical Care offers highly popular and sought-after medical procedures by leading internationally certified doctors and accredited hospitals in Europe at a fraction of the cost one would incur in his/her home country.
Global Medical Care possesses a network of specialized clinics and hospitals, all accredited and recognized as experts in their areas of expertise. Our expert surgeons have many years of proven expertise in Dentistry, Eye Surgery, Cosmetic Surgery, Hair Transplants and Infertility Treatments.

Global Medical Care (GMC) is the trading name and brand of Global Medical AG (Registration Number: CHE-196.707.609), a Swiss-based company dedicated to affordable, high-quality medical treatments.

Highest Trust in the Industry - Global Medical Care

We adopt a strict “No Medical Marketing” policy

Our experience has taught us that like any other profession, medical establishments and doctors can sometimes be more interested in marketing than the quality of the treatments they offer. Our policy is to protect our clients by automatically disqualifying institutions we see as medical marketers.
GMC eliminates all the marketing material that you will receive from clinics or doctors attempting to sell their services. Relying on years of experience and a carefully selected network of leading medical establishments, we filter out all clinics or hospitals that do not meet our very stringent criteria. We only provide you with accurate information using simple words that you can understand.

To illustrate this policy, we clearly explain to our customers the options and advantages of each of our laser eye treatment options, thus eliminating specialized medico-marketing labels such as HD laser, Ilasik. Intra lasik etc. With GMC, the patient always understands everything about the treatment he chooses.

Full Transparency

As per our full transparency policy, we share all the information with our customers. You will always know precisely everything concerning the treatment you have chosen, its advantages, benefits and the risks inherent to any treatment. We avoid promoting over-embellished room visuals and promotional material, which in our opinion do not reflect reality. We scrupulously highlight all known risks and details of any treatment or intervention.

Leading Clinics and Hospitals

Global Medical Care, a Swiss Company facilitating Swiss Quality medical treatments anywhere in Europe

We are dedicated patient safety and comfort and our carefully selected network of partner hospitals and clinics are proven leaders in Dentistry, Eye Surgery, Cosmetic Surgery, Hair Transplants and Infertility Treatments. All medical establishments in the GMC Network are accredited with world-recognized medical bodies.
GMC only works with fully accredited hospitals. These accreditations are recognized worldwide ensuring stringent standards on patient safety, patient rights, hygiene, medical procedures, quality, security, diagnosis, medical personal training, medical knowledge and ongoing training. We never propose treatments in sub-standard or small clinics established by one or two medical professionals.
Best Hospitals of the World - Global Medical Care
Multi-disciplinary: our customers can ask for consultations regarding one or more of the treatments we offer
All our partner hospitals are large multi-disciplinary hospitals offering a wide range of medical services in a single site. Good healthcare requires a multi-disciplinary approach, and unlike small clinics, our patients benefit from having all our medical experts under one roof. All our partner medical establishments possess advanced Intensive Care Units. In the unlikely event of a complication during the intervention, patients can be treated on-site, benefiting from state-of-the-art facilities.
Whatever language you speak, we can speak it!
To be part of the GMC Network, a medical establishment must have a dedicated International Patient Team. This team will meet you at the airport and look after you exclusively throughout your stay as well as ensure communication with your doctor, should he/she not speak your language. Most of the doctors in the GMC Network speak English.
Always first to offer access to the latest treatments and medical technologies.
GMC provides only latest proven treatments and medical technologies, working only with leading global healthcare service providers that we know are capable of durably maintaining highest medical standards.
Most Developed Technologies of the World for Treatments Abroad - Global Medical Care

Outstanding Doctors and Medical Staff

GMC carefully chooses the best surgeons from the medical establishments in its network to guarantee the highest quality treatments.
We perform suitability checks for surgeons and only work with the professionals having graduated from the top medical schools, all specialists in their fields, experienced in treating international patients and recognized by international medical associations.
Many of the doctors you will meet have previously worked in hospitals in USA, UK, Germany, and Switzerland or continue to travel internationally for ongoing expert medical training. All doctors serving GMC patients:
Best Doctors of the World - Global Medical Care
Studied/worked in a Western country.
Are constantly learning new medical techniques.
Use of state-of-the-art technologies.
Have extensive experience - 10+ years in their specialty.
Perform 300+ successful operations/year.
Have a success rate above 98%.
Are members of an internationally recognized medical association.
Have very high patient satisfaction rate (>4.5/5) in the last 3 years.

You are free change your medical establishment and/or doctor

With GMC you are free to choose the hospital you want for your treatments, because we do not force you to go to any one single clinic or hospital. As we work with large hospitals with a choice of qualified and experienced doctors, you have the right to choose your doctor if you are not comfortable with the one assigned to you.

Best Rates!!

Over 50% discount when compared to Swiss prices for same or higher quality service.
GMC experts scan the entire European medical landscape to identify the best price-quality medical establishments and offers to provide you services from which you can carefully make your selection.
How we work and achieve savings for our customers

GMC’s network concentrates its focus on select countries where the cost of living and rental costs are significantly less than Switzerland. This ensures that everyone who will serve you (your surgeon, other health care professionals, even your driver) will be highly paid within their country or residence, but significantly less than a similar task would be remunerated in Switzerland for example.

We operate in countries within a 3-hour radius from where you live.

GMC has partnered exclusively with medical establishments in large, internationally connected cities. We want your trip to be as easy and comfortable as possible, so we’ve made sure our hospitals are close to a major airport.

We negotiate substantial discounts for all our customers due to our consistently high patient volume!

5 Star Reviews of Global Medical Care

Global Medical Care continuously negotiates prices with hundreds of private healthcare providers for thousands of patients and discovers the best possible price for your treatment. Due to the size of our operation, GMC negotiates to obtain the best rates, exclusive add-ons (like free hotel-hospital transfers, longer guarantees etc.) and superior patient rights (i.e. changing or selecting your doctor). Thus we can offer over 50% savings on Swiss treatment prices for the same or higher quality.

All Inclusive Packages

For your comfort and safety, our teams will pick you up from the airport, provide you a comprehensive service and make sure you depart safely after your treatment. Our 24/7-customer care hotline is ready to help you during your travels for any query or problem.

Guaranteed Operations

Global Medical Care is dedicated to patient satisfaction. That is why most of our operation packages have extensive guarantees. For example:

Some of our laser eye operations packages have a lifetime warranty for non-corrected vision.

Our Standard Care dental implant packages have a lifetime warranty.

Pay in Installments

Flexible pay plans of up to 24 months

We know that sometimes it is hard to find the spare money for medical treatments. Therefore, on top of the standard payment options with credit cards or bank transfers, you may pay for your Global Medical Care packages by installments of your choice.

We will help you to get in touch with our credit institution partners and obtain for you a favorable rate.

In the event that your application for payments in installments is rejected by the credit institution, you can still choose to pay by installments and start your travel after the full price is paid.

Our Team


Dr. Anna Rast
Medical Consultant - Switzerland

Dr. Orhan Karahan
Medical Consultant - Turkey

Dr. Phedon Braker
Medical Consultant - Switzerland


Valmir Mehukaj
Zurich - Switzerland

Mark Pijst
Amsterdam - Netherland

Begum Osmana
Hospitals Representative - Turkey

Oumar Vardar
Dubai - UAE

Charles Crook
Boston - USA

Jack Bailey
London - UK

Global Medical Care - Europe's #1 Medical Agency for Reliable Treatments Abroad

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